I will twin Flame Full Meal Deal Healing Packages

twin Flame Full Meal Deal Healing Packages
twin Flame Full Meal Deal Healing Packages

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Description 30 Minute Twin Flame Clearing Twin Flame Open Heart Reiki Twin Flame Full Meal Deal Special
  Full Twin Chakra Clearing and Balancing with write up to share any info received by your guides. 30 Minute Healing Session PLUS an Open Heart Reiki Attunement! Very powerful combination Standard Gig PLUS full 90 minute one on one Skype Reading.
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About This Gig

These offers were channeled to me to assist Twin Flames who want to tap into the powerful combination and energies of true Unconditional Love for self and for your Twin. 

In the 30 minute healing session I call forth the energy of you and your Twin and do a full Chakra Clearing and Balancing.  I update your fields together with any new information channeled to me through Spirit and send you a write up of any messages that I received on your behalf to assist you.

The Standard gig is the 30 Minute Clearing PLUS an Open Heart Reiki healing session and attunement.  This allows you to call in Open Heart Reiki at any time, to assist you in all your relationships.  This is not just a Reiki healing session.  You yourself are attuned to the Open Heart Reiki!  

The Full Meal Deal Special is the best value and for those who are needing some One on One support in understanding the Twin Flame dynamic and journey.  These sessions take place on Skype and recorded for you.  

I am a Twin Flame myself and have learned to navigate my way through this crazy experience of both deep love and joy and deep pain and longing.  I have many testimonials I can share with you.

Love and Light to you, Diane 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does this journey feel so painful?
    When you are in a true Twin Flame connection, you are literally seeking the other half of your soul. There is nothing else you will long for more. With that can come a deep sense of sadness when you are not together in physical union.
  • What is Open Heart Reiki and how will it help me?
    Open Heart Reiki expands the heart so you can give AND receive unconditional love. This can be a big barrier as to why we are not in Union. We are not able to actually receive their love, or give it to them without egoic blocks we have developed through the wounds of past relationships etc
  • What can I expect from a One on One Session with Diane
    I am a Spiritual Psychic and Channel. I also live my life navigating the Twin Flame journey. I can help you understand the dynamics of the Twin Flame relationship and offer tools and guidance as to how you can navigate your way through it by aligning with self love, compassion and even joy!
  • Is there hope for me and my Twin?
    Absolutely! We accepted this journey before we incarnated and so there is always hope. Though we are the perfect mirror reflection of one another we live an individuated life here in the 3rd dimension. When you begin to align with the highest version of yourself, it creates a doorway for our Twin
  • Have you helped other Twins?
    YES! I have many testimonials I can share with you, feel free to ask in advance of ordering the gig. We are all in this journey together and my clients know that I come from a place of understanding and compassion for their experience. I am also a channel to Spirit and pass msgs specific to you.