I will sell you Guided Meditation Script

sell you Guided Meditation Script
sell you Guided Meditation Script

About This Gig


...."What is the most valuable thing in your life"?....

Is it money, security may be?

I believe that the most valuable thing in your life is your consciousness.

I feel glad to offer you a unique way to care your consciousness with guided meditation.

With only $5 you can nourish the foundation of your existence.

You can choose a template from the list below. Also, you can ask for a new one.

Once you make an order I will write the meditation script for you. You can ask for revisions until you are satisfied.

Also, you can own the copyright of the script spending a few more bucks.

Choose your template:

  1. Dreamland Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing
  2. I-Meditation for Intellectual Healing
  3. Muscle Massager for Physical Healing
  4. Weight Loss Imagery to Dilute Body Fat
  5. Chakra Healing to Heal Your Chakras
  6. I want a new template

I am available for Discussions and Discovery Sessions for bulk orders and premium clients.

I know you are not afraid of changes.
So, take your first step and ORDER Now ($5)!
See you on the other side.

*Do not forget to specify the template number.

*Resale rights will be reserved by me.

Order Details

Cheap and Effective

Guided meditation script- Choose a category or ask for a new one

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I ask for a sample of the product?
    Of course, you can ask for a sample of the product. At first, you have to choose a template. . Also, a reuse of the template will be considered as an act of plagiarism.
  • What is the total cost if I'm also using the script for an audio/video?
    You have to purchase the copyright of the script to use it for audio/video. The copyright price may vary depending on the template and word count. . Please inbox me and then we can discuss.
  • Can I get a rebate on bulk orders?
    Yes, you can get rebates on bulk orders.