I will sell you Guided Meditation Script

sell you Guided Meditation Script

About This Gig


...."What is the most valuable thing in your life"?....

Is it money, security may be?

I believe that the most valuable thing in your life is your consciousness.

I feel glad to offer you a unique way to care your consciousness with guided meditation.

With only $5 you can nourish the foundation of your existence.

You can choose a template from the list below. Also, you can ask for a new one.

Once you make an order I will write the meditation script for you. You can ask for revisions until you are satisfied.

Also, you can own the copyright of the script spending a few more bucks.

Choose your template:

  1. Dreamland Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing
  2. I-Meditation for Intellectual Healing
  3. Muscle Massager for Physical Healing
  4. Weight Loss Imagery to Dilute Body Fat
  5. Chakra Healing to Heal Your Chakras
  6. I want a new template

I am available for Discussions and Discovery Sessions for bulk orders and premium clients.

I know you are not afraid of changes.
So, take your first step and ORDER Now ($5)!
See you on the other side.

*Do not forget to specify the template number.

*Resale rights will be reserved by me.

Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Cheap and Effective

Guided meditation script- Choose a category or ask for a new one

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I ask for a sample of the product?
    Of course, you can ask for a sample of the product. At first, you have to choose a template. . Also, a reuse of the template will be considered as an act of plagiarism.
  • What is the total cost if I'm also using the script for an audio/video?
    You have to purchase the copyright of the script to use it for audio/video. The copyright price may vary depending on the template and word count. . Please inbox me and then we can discuss.
  • Can I get a rebate on bulk orders?
    Yes, you can get rebates on bulk orders.