I will professionally master your tracks

professionally master your tracks

About This Gig

Contact me before ordering for price.
If you want your track to sound professional the important last step is mastering. I have the experience and gears to make it sound professional. Depending on the genre or your preference I can make a Loud but still crystal clear mastering or a more dynamic one , with character and quality ready to be signed or played by a radio for only 5$

The tracks should be Wav preferably or if mp3 320kbps . Before sending do not put any limiter/compressor on the master channel and keep at least 3dB headroom. 

The track will be mastered within 12-24 Hours ,DeliveryFormat: Wav or Mp3 320kbps

Top notch analog and all the best software plugins from Waves,Fabfilter, Sonnox, Cytomic,Izotope .

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