I will pitch correct your vocals

pitch correct your vocals

About This Gig

Hello everyone ! 
With this gig i offer manual pitch correct for vocals ! 
For 5$ I will: Manually pitch-correct 30 sec of your vocal track!
For 10$ I will:Manually pitch-correct 1 minute of your vocal track!
For 20$ I will:Manually pitch-correct 2 mins of your vocal track 
For 30 I will: Manually pitch-correct 3 mins  of your vocal track !
For 40 I will:Manually pitch-correct 4 mins of your vocal track ! 
For 50 I will:Manually pitch-correct 5 mins of your vocal track !
What you need to provide : 
  1. your vocal track as a separate wave file 
  2. instructions to what sound you are looking for
  3. Another file with the full song and the instrumental as a separate one