I will be your Social Media Marketing consultant

be your Social Media Marketing consultant

About This Gig

If you are starting your Social Media Marketing effort and got stuck anywhere, isn't it better to spend 5$ than to waste time on searching Google for the right solution? That's why I'm here for you. 

Ask me any questions/ advice/ solutions related to: 
  • Websites. 
  • Blog (Blogger / WordPress). 
  • Twitter. 
  • Facebook. ( Profile and Page)
  • Google Plus. (Profile and Page)
  • LinkedIn.
  • Pinterest.
  • YouTube. 
  • Social Media tools. 
  • Marketing ideas.
  • Best practices. 
  • Action plans. 
  • (anything outside the points mentioned but related to Social Media? Please send me a message first)

I can do the setup & any kind of customization too, if you want. 

Please send me a message first to know how many gigs should you order for the task you want me to perform. 

I will answer with screenshots and/or audios and/or videos if necessary to explain the topic. 

***** Please don't expect any magic formula like "Do nothing and get 10,000 followers" from me. I will give you practical & professional solution. That will help you create your brand online through Social Media Marketing & get real results. 

I recommend the customized Social Media Marketing PDF guide