I will mix and master your song or instrumental track for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
mix and master your song or instrumental track
mix and master your song or instrumental track

About This Gig


I have 25+ years of studio mixing and mastering of everything in any style and genre. Music is my work, my hobby and my life.

I will be happy to mix and master your song/instrumental track to the highest quality studio sound.

No presets! Individual treatment to every track.

Examples of my works check here: 


Basic gig $5 includes only mastering of 1 song (please, send your mix as a single stereo file) and is delivered as wav 16 bit 44.1kHz file. 

If you also need mixing services, please check my extra services.

My Extra services include:

- mastering for iTunes  - $5.

- tuning your vocals (auto tune) - $5.

- noise reduction - $5.

advanced mastering of 1 song (recommended) - includes 1 revision, additional 1 hour for mastering of your track to get the best professional studio sound, mastering by reference, delivering of 320kbps MP3 and 24bit 44,1kHz WAV files - $15.

- mixing of 1 song/instrumental track with:

          - 2 tracks (music+vocal) - $10;

          - up to 10 tracks - $25;

          - up to 20 tracks - $40;

          - more than 20 tracks - $50.


Thanks, Spartak.

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