I will send you my music track for meditation and relax

send you my music track for meditation and relax

About This Gig

I have an experience in meditation and different spiritual, healing, mental and psychological practices for about 15 years. I've made several albums of new age and meditation music, and one album for activation of subconsciousness, work with health and for deeper meditation practices.

In my work I'm using the techniques of "tehnomagic" - coded spells (of course, non-destructive), binaural effects, activating sound frequencies and some of my own "know-how".

For basic gig I'll send you the short version of my track which is about 15 min long.

Listening of this track helps to get into very deep relaxation, switch on an internal dialogue, activate subconsciousness and make any meditation and practices more efficient.

If you want to get the full version of this track, which is about 30 min long, you can check my gig extra for additional $5.

All rights reserved.
This track is for personal usage only. If you want to use it in any commercial purposes or other projects, please contact me before.