I will provide HD pic for your promo material

provide HD pic for your promo material
provide HD pic for your promo material

About This Gig

I will hold your sign, wear your design, GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS --- be the face for your product service site or gig..... 

FOR FIVE BUCKS you get an HD quality picture you can use on your site or for your marketing material. I will select wardrobe and scene that I see fits best and deliver to you within 3 days as a jpg gif and png

FOR AN EXTRA FIVE BUCKS EACH you can upgrade any of these options:

  • Written testimonial (approximately 50 words)
  • Video testimonial (your script up to 75 words)
  • Green screen photo 
  • Scene/Setting (IE indoors, out doors, beach, park, boat, kitchen, office etc)
  • Wardrobe or Costume specific (ie business attire, beach attire, evening dress, casual wear)
  • Wardrobe or Accessories provided by you - I will wear or hold whatever it is you would like - but you must provide the costume and or props and they will NOT be returned unless you provide prepaid shipping and packaging which takes my time so....
  • Return costume &/or Props - you must provide prepaid shipping labels, packaging and return instructions
  • ???  ask me!   If I haven't thought of it - I'm sure you have. Send an email.... drop me a line ... send me a pic of what you have in mind!

Order Details

3 days delivery