I will do a 10 card Tarot reading

do a 10 card Tarot reading
do a 10 card Tarot reading

About This Gig


I will provide you a one typed page PDF document Tarot card reading (anywhere from 700 to 1000 words) describing your situation in detail using my intuitive Psychic abilities and help from the Other Side. I will connect to your energy or the energies of you and the person you are wondering about. I provide a free digital photo of your reading as a bonus!

  • ALL gigs are for ONE question or situation only. Purchase more gigs for more questions or situations. I offer this service at an affordable price.
  • $5 gig has NO timing on it.
  • ***BEST OPTION****$5 gig PLUS one gig extra will provide you a time frame. I offer 3 months into the future or 6 months into the future. I have extreme accuracy with my readings with TIMING.  So if you want to look at 6 months into the future about your situation, you would pick ONE gig extra.
  • One day delivery is $10 gig extra
  • I provide Custom readings if you are wanting to look at WEEKS or A YEAR out. I can do that as well.
  • Clarification on the reading will be provided if necessary. Ask for clarification if you are confusted prior to leaving a review.
  • No death, lottery or medical questions

Order Details

4 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want a reading about someone else and what is going on with them, can you do that?
    Yes, I can do third-party readings. A third party reading is doing a reading on somebody else without their knowledge. This is completely fine to do. I just call in their spirit guides and connect to their energy. I just need to know the name of the person and age (if possible).
  • How come your readings are so affordable if you are "spot-on"? Shouldn't you charge more?
    I like to keep my readings at a low-cost for the people that truly need the reading and cannot afford the $30 to $60 readings that most online psychic readers offer. This allows me to give back to the community and also to gain reviews for my work to be published on my personal website.
  • Do you offer video or phone readings?
    Soon I will be considering offering a pre-recorded reading to be published on a private link on YouTube for my clients to view at their discretion. I am looking into options in providing affordable readings as well.
  • You talk about ways to change the outcome of the reading. What is "manifesting" and how can I do that?
    EASY! Go to Amazon and search for "Many Ways of Manifesting" by Debbie Duncan and Andy Benson. I have co-authored a book that explains the many ways to change your life by asking the Universe to bring your needs and wants to you!
  • How did you learn to read the Tarot and add time frames to your readings?
    I learned from my mentor and great friend and co-author Debbie Duncan. She has a book on Amazon called "Timing the Tarot - Everything You Need to Know About Time Predictions". This book is small, easy and offers the best ways to read Tarot smoothly, easily and accurately. Highly recommended.