I will manipulate your audio

manipulate your audio

About This Gig

Including, but not limited to editing, fixing, tweaking, & mastering.

I can offer you premier digital audio skills, rivalled by few in the industry.

As an established Media Specialist, with years of professional experience, I value high definition and high fidelity. Technically, I strive for the finest possible output, while creatively I embrace a responsive working environment and time manage to allow for experimentation where possible.

  • What this means is I can seamlessly 'fix up', tweak, master and remix (add effects and so forth) your audio - music or speech to your brief. 

"Can you fix distortion?"

  • Within reason I can tweak 'hot'/'clipped'/distorted audio and return it to you in a much improved state.

What do you need?
Let me know and I'll respond in no time. 

1 gig = 5 'manipulations'. While this is not strict it is the 'rule of thumb'.

  • A 2 minute piece of speech requiring trims at the beginning and end + 3 "uhms", 2 coughs to be removed would be worth a 'gig'.

  • A 3 minute piece of music requiring db boost, eq tweak and dynamic compression and a chorus repeat would require more than two gigs.

I can review for free, so it won't hurt to ask. Hit me up with your request!