I will use technical analysis to help your stock trade

use technical analysis to help your stock trade
use technical analysis to help your stock trade
use technical analysis to help your stock trade

About This Gig

 An easily understood technical analysis of your stock pick

 About to buy(sell) a stock? Or already in a trade but second guessing yourself? Want an objective second opinion? Regardless, of your position, technical analysis can often provide a clue as to what action you should take.  I trade for a living and after 10+ years believe I can offer you something of value.  My strategy focuses on low risk/high reward trading.  I will apply my strategy to your pick and tell you whether I think it's a BUY, SELL or WAIT.  My strategy gives you clear targets and more importantly clear stops. I deal exclusively in big volume stocks listed on the North American exchanges (No penny stocks please).  I'm happy to share what I know and think it can benefit all traders or investors.

Please contact me BEFORE placing an order.  I can't help on all stocks so let me know before ordering what stock you want analyzed.  I don't want to waste your time or mine on something that doesn't fit.  

  You will get:
  • A very clear description of possible trade opportunities.
  • An unbiased approach (If I can't see a trade I'll tell you.)
  • Warning signs you should watch for.
   Cheers and good luck trading!

Order Details

1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don't you analyze penny stocks?
    My strategy requires certain specific criteria. Penny stocks simply don't meet the criteria. I never touch them. If you can make money from them then my hat's off to you.
  • What should I expect from your analysis?
    You give me a stock that you are thinking of buying or selling.. AAPL, BAC, FB, etc. I will take that stock and run it through my setup strategy. I will then give you a BUY, SELL or WAIT signal. Then I will give you a rundown of what I see as possible entries, exits, targets and stops.
  • If you're so good why do you need to sell on Fiverr?
    Good question, Basically, after years of struggle with the markets and making every mistake in the book I finally have a strategy that is making money. But I'm not a millionaire yet. Until I am I will try to make money anyway I can and that includes helping people on Fiverr.
  • Why don't you reveal your strategy?
    Simple, for now I am happy to provide basic stock reviews. I may offer my strategy up in the future but I'd like to build a good reputation first.
  • Will you analyze anything besides big North American stocks?
    You can always ask. If I can find a decent chart of what you're looking at I might be able to help. No promises but I can always try.