I will create an Android app from your website and More

create an Android app from your website and More

About This Gig

All you need to do is give me your website address and I will convert it to a cool Android Application.

You can either upload yourself to your own Google Play store or I can upload and publish it for you on Amazon Store.

i'm not charging a thing for publishing.

Other features of your app will include:
  1. Rate me button
  2. Will work on all android versions and sdks 
  3. Button to go to app url from app itself
  4. Be able to navigate your site from within the app itself - cool!

Later on I can add custom features that you want implemented but these will be extras...

If you want me to publish it on the store for you then please make sure your website is not fraudulent or contains spam or nudity etc

The application is published with a name of your choice, 4 screenshots, a custom icon ( you can send this if you want) and a description (again you can send this on purchase of gig).

Go ahead and get app mobilized on Amazon Store :-)

Order now for super fast delivery!