I will curse someone you hate

curse someone you hate
curse someone you hate

About This Gig

Do you HATE someone ? the reasons can be many from person to person , i am a specialist in many fields i do various types of Magics that involve BLACK MAGIC ,Voodoo ,Maaran , Uchatan,Satamban,Kabulla and other types of dark magic so if anyone having any problems regarding killing someone or if you want to do something bad , then you have come to the right place , i know there are many people who HOLDS  GRUDGE with another person but due to our civilization and other things we are not able to do anything bad to them ,so i here to HELP you out , TAKE your REVENGE and do all the HATEFUL thinks a PERSON can THINK of ..

Do remember the Curse i PUT is TOO powerful and its takes many days to undo the curse but till the time curse will be undone..  SOMETHING very BAD will happen to the Person on whom the curse is put on.. 

so before you ORDER GIG ,do remember there is no GOING back 
before you ORDER the GIG , INBOX ME ...you may have to order more then 3-4 gigs for a single CURSE , it all DEPENDS on the how much POWERFUL the Person is