I will facilitate Individual Karma Clearing Session

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facilitate Individual Karma Clearing Session
facilitate Individual Karma Clearing Session

About This Gig

Individual Karma Clearing Session

In this session I work with you to clear the highest priority individual  karmic imprints for you on all levels of your awareness.

Karmic imprints act as twisted energy patterns or dead spots within your  energetic field disrupting YOUR flow of energy. These imprints are also  magnetic and charged with the frequency they are created with thus bringing  into your reality field events with similar frequencies.

So you keep attracting and creating your reality with the same events and  situation over and over staying stuck in karmic loops.

In this session I work to clear these permanently so that you can own the  experience as wisdom and can finally move on and resolve these karmic  imprints carried on from lifetime to lifetime. 

Live Your Life In-Line with Your Souls Mission
Manifest the Reality You Desire
Increase Your Personal Energy
Attract New People, Places and Events into Your Life
Reduce Emotional Drama, Chaos and Stress
Live with Purpose, Harmony and Joy

I facilitate the Individual Karma clearing session for you by connecting to  your higher self energetically at a distance using high frequency protocols to  transmute the source of the imprints.