I will be Your Professional Voice

be Your Professional Voice
be Your Professional Voice
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by robbelton about 2 months ago
This is the third time we've used Spike. He is now a fixture as the Intro Voice before all of our radio shows. http://www.thewinefellers.com/itunes/ Couldn't ask for more.
Reviewed by mjsolomon 3 months ago
Once Again, SUPERB!!!!
Reviewed by mjsolomon 4 months ago
Fantastic! Great to work with, and his voice is like liquid God.
Reviewed by royalbowmen 8 months ago
Great experience. Used on our show! http://www.thewinefellers.com/listen/
Reviewed by mjsolomon 8 months ago
MUUUUUUUUUCH above expectation! WILL use again. THANKS!
Reviewed by robbelton 10 months ago
spike is the man. awesome to work with and always delivers top notch work.
Reviewed by dconstrukt 10 months ago
be Your Professional Voice
be Your Professional Voice

About This Gig

Its's ON! I'll deliver in 7 days or less. I am Spike Real, a Professional Radio/TV Announcer. You can hire me exclusively on fiverr to create a radio or podcast commercial for you! The same quality as you hear on the air on radio and TV commercials. What's the catch? There is none really- This is a sampling opportunity for me- more exposure. No director, producer, agents to pay- Just me my mic and in my professional recording studio. This is a dry read- no music or effects- U CAN choose MUSIC and SCRIPT extras  (Look Below)
I will read your :15 second radio commercial script - for $5. If you need a longer read contact me-If you need a :60 sec commercial (up to 120 words ... dry read)  - Select the extra under the pictures.

Extras: I write or help you write your script. I can add royalty free music, or I will ad the music you send to me. I can add sound effects. I can drop everything I'm doing and express deliver it to you.

I can create the commercial for you from script to delivery ... Just choose the extras under the pictures - Just choose ORDER (upper left) Don't worry about mistakes - we'll work them out- or just contact me in advance.