I will give you a genuine, detailed past life psychic reading

give you a genuine, detailed past life psychic reading

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Description Basic Past Life Package Past Life Relationship Package Past Life & Spiritual Healing Pkg
  The standard gig includes a thorough & detailed report of one past life that is affecting you today A detailed report of the past lives you have shared with the one person of your choice A detailed report of a past life affecting you today & an energy clearing to remove the blockages
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About This Gig

Hi beautiful souls,

Past life readings are truly invaluable for many reasons.  Not only can they help you pinpoint where irrational fears come from, and what is truly holding you back from achieving your greatest potential in this life, but knowing details of a past life can also help you break cycles of negativity, depression, streaks of "bad luck" and even sickness and disease.  

As an Indigo adult, I have always had very strong clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant abilities.  I also work as an energy healer and earth medicine practitioner, and I enjoy helping others more than anything else in the world.  I would be honored to give you a 100% original, genuine, and love-filled past life reading.  

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Make Today Beautiful!

Love and light,