I will perform a personalized crystal energy healing for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
perform a personalized crystal energy healing
perform a personalized crystal energy healing

About This Gig

I will perform a unique and transformational crystal healing to clear, cleanse and revive your chakras.  This is a great way to release fears, aches and pains, or worries and get you moving in the right direction very quickly.  I have several hundred beautiful, energy filled crystals that I use for healing.  Your crystals will be chosen specifically for you based on your specific needs, and after performing the healing ceremony, I will then place your stones in one of four places (based on the earth element you are in most need of energetically):

-Into the belly of mother earth for 24 hours to soak up earth energy.
-Into the fire at my weekly fire ceremony to enhance the fire element
-Into a glass bowl of water under the sun and moonlight for 24 hours to rejuvenate your water energy
-Hang your crystals outside in the breeze for 24 hours to strengthen the wind element  

If you would like me to mail you your power-filled crystals at the completion of the healing, please see my gig extras.  I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.