I will do Cutting the Cords of Attachment and Aura Cleansing Healing

do Cutting the Cords of Attachment and Aura Cleansing Healing

About This Gig

Cutting the cords of attachment is a powerful and transformational way to detach from a person place situation that is constricting your life.A gentle way to release that will give more independence and a feeling of freedom ,for whomever is involved,any positive love bonds will remain in place, just focusing on release of negative disruptive constriction that is impacting you in a way that keeps you stuck.This may be as a result of over bearing, over controlling parents and patterns of behaviour that have been learned since childhood and which no longer serve you or a controlling manipulative relationship which is suppressing your self love, self worth and self empowerment . Where other people are preventing you from making your own decisions and living the life you want to live, free of constriction. During the healing as the cords and ties unplug ,detach and are released for transmutation and transcendence,there will be a hole in your Aura ( energy Body ) .A scan of your Aura to repair any cracks, fissures and holes,using 44 Sacred Symbols to seal and heal will ensure you feel balanced and prevent reattachment.