I will do a Chakra Balance, Healing and Alignment

do a Chakra Balance, Healing and Alignment

About This Gig

There are 7 main Chakras or Energy Centres. Each Chakra has a particular significance to our Body Mind Spirit.Any congestion, blockage or energetic dysfunction within a Chakra can disrupt your daily life. Disturbances within your Chakras manifest as disharmony . This disharmony can impact on your health, energy levels and mood. Each Chakra has a unique significance.When a Chakra is Cleansed, Balanced and Aligned life is Harmonious and Happy. When there are blockages or negative congestion within your Chakras you feel stuck keep making silly mistakes cant relax feel upset for no reason. When your Chakras are out of alignment or blocked this weighs you down .If you continue with the stuck feeling it is possible to make yourself feel unwell or attract negative energy, your body is trying to tell you something is not right.And wants you to do something to resolve the situation : Cleansing Clearing Balancing Healing and Aligning your Chakras will help you feel Centered Grounded Calmer Peaceful Happy and less stressed .For $5 I will tune in to check which Chakras need help.For $15 gig extra I will clear out the muck clear balance and align Chakras and give your Chakras a crystal healing.