I will do a Pranic Healing

do a Pranic Healing

About This Gig

Pranic Healing is an ancient Science a gentle spiritual energy healing utilizing colors & chi / ki energy from the Divine it assists the body to heal itself in Miraculous ways.Fast effective healing for every day issues:Headache toothache fever sore throat gas period pain arthritis migraine muscular general pain coughs colds can be  healed in a day or two. Pranic Healing focuses on a specific area of need.It will invigorate & promote good health.Pranic Healing increases healing 3 times more than the normal rate of healing.A scan of the body is done to find out weak spots. Congestion & negative energy is drawn out replaced by healing energy which works fast & ongoing. The body will strengthen & heal itself, balance the energy meridians in your body & create harmony & balance.Pranic healing strengthens any weakened areas in your Aura to help stop re-occuring illness.When we are lacking in energy our Aura becomes weak & we are more prone to infection.Holes /leaks in the Aura are repaired & sealed.Healing your Aura energy body is vital then it is less likely the physical body will get sick.I will connect to you for $5 and do Pranic Healing for $20 so you will need to request gig extra.