I will do a Soul Retrieval Healing

do a Soul Retrieval Healing

About This Gig

Soul Retrieval is a method of regaining a feeling of wholeness. Body Mind Spirit as a complete unit.You feel centered and grounded once your Body Mind Spirit reconnect for a happier healthier you.Partial loss of your spirit /soul occurs during personal trauma.Once these soul parts disconnect /scatter from the Body Mind Spirit as a whole, they need retrieval.During extreme distress you feel scattered,not your normal self. Eg Grief - loss of a loved one /pet, relationship breakup,stress shock of illness, traumatic event ,accident,abuse as a child /adult.A Soul Retrieval Healing returns scattered soul parts with astounding results.We all experience loss of spirit during times of personal trauma.You will feel happier whole and complete after a Soul Retrieval Healing.

Soul Retrieval can help with
Trauma Stress
Feeling disconnected scattered not yourself
Loss of life's purpose
Unable to cope focus complete tasks, feel agitated restless sad

Reclaim your soul parts, Regain your personal power
Stay Centered, Grounded
Energy levels return to a state of Balance
Boost Health Vitality Wellbeing
Feel Inner Peace ,state of calm
Sacred Symbols Sealed onto your Aura continue to work once  healing completed.