I will do a Sacred Symbol Healing

do a Sacred Symbol Healing

About This Gig

SACRED SYMBOLS are Transformational and can
I have access to 65 Sacred Healing Symbols which can promote healing and balance in all areas of your life. These symbols release issues, negative energy ,repair and renew your life, you will feel lighter ,happier and want to REJOICE.
We all need to create balance in our lives and relationships. We all need a quick pick me up. An ENERGY boost. A BURST OF BLISS . A RAY of SUNSHINE .If you have an AMAZING healing with these Sacred Healing Symbols. YOU WILL FEEL A DIFFERENCE. Clients have given me testimonials to that effect. PLUS I will give you a SPECIAL GIFT OF LOVE EXTRA : A healing with Quan Yin the goddess of love wisdom compassion and mercy ,especially for women and children . When we are feeling BALANCED our life flows in a harmonious manner. There is a positive charge in the air. We feel and act with confidence. Everything runs smoothly. All is wonderful in your world.Peace and Harmony reigns supreme.
For $5 I will connect with you. I will do the Sacred Symbol Healing for $15 And YOUR PROMISED Gift of Love Healing . As a gig Extra you can have your details on my crystal healing grid for INTENSE AND PROLONGED HEALING.