I will personalize a healing just for you

personalize a healing just for you

About This Gig

Like our car we also need a tune up, especially when our energy is low and we are feeling out of whack or stuck in a rut. Know this feeling ?
Sometimes stagnant and negative energy blocks our chakras energy system and we feel sluggish unsettled and out of sorts.
What to do ?
A Chakra clearing cleansing balance and alignment will clear any unwanted energy and you will feel rejuvenated and energized.
An Aura cleanse, clear and balance will find any tears in your Aura, caused by hurt upset illness trauma clean out muck repair and balance. You will feel feel really good and together ,afterwards.
A distant Reiki healing is nurturing and loving. Reiki goes to where you need healing the most. You will feel calm and a sense of inner peace and happier,more in tune with yourself and others. It will relax ,re-energize and you will feel renewed. Great for migraine, period pain and to boost your immune system.You will feel self assured and self empowered after this three step healing package.
This three step package will really give you the kick start ,you need and help you feel centered, grounded and self confident. Treat yourself NOW. You will be so pleased you did.The total cost of this Gig is $35