I will read your AKASHIC records

read your AKASHIC records

About This Gig

I will read your Akashic Records and answer one question for $5.

Allow me to look at The Book of Life for you, as I have spent years developing my abilities to trust what I am given for myself and others. I am excellent at being able to relay what I see in a clear and straightforward manner.

Looking at your Akashic Records can help unlock the source of why you are repeating a particular lesson or are feeling blocked.  With your specific question and a sincere desire to make a change, I can tell you the circumstances of the events that led to your current issues.

This gig is for you alone, it is not for looking at someone else's records.

Questions I see repeating for people include:
Why am I repeating the same relationship patterns?  
Why am I continuously feeling emotional pain, no matter what I try? 
What is my life's purpose?
Why do I struggle with finances?