I will give a powerful reading through my gift of foresight

give a powerful reading through my gift of foresight

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Description Basic Future Reading More detailed Future Reading I will give a Phone Reading
  I will give a basic reading on what I see. It will be at least 900 Characters. I will give a more detailed,honest future reading, up to 1200 characters. 30 minute Phone Reading
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About This Gig

I will give you an accurate, honest, and straight forward reading starting at $10. I will use my psychic intuition and get impressions of what may happen, or may not happen.   I am an empath so anything I feel or see I will tell to my client.  I do not hold anything back. I will help out with what ever my customer needs in an ethical and moral manner.  I have very high vibration and will ask for white light around me and my customer for our protection. 

Please keep an open mind as it helps Spirit to come through easier and will be easier for all involved.  Please understand that you have free will and can change your fate anytime.  Also, you may not like the outcome but I only say the truth and am for the truth for all involved.


Please note that in order to have a Phone Reading with me you MUST order the Premium Package and give the requirements I asked for.

Disclaimer:  For legal reasons, this is for entertainment purposes only!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I expect from a future reading
    I will answer what ever comes up from Spirit as to what they see. It could be about Career, Relationships, Finances, etc. You just have to trust that Spirit has your best interest at heart.