I will provide an answer for you from your Higher Self

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provide an answer for you from your Higher Self
provide an answer for you from your Higher Self

About This Gig

A Higher Self is a place where your Soul originates from. It is YOU on the highest level of existence!

You have a free will to chose a decision, however your Higher Self can give you an answer which will be the best for you in a crucial moment helping you to avoid unnecessary obstacles.

Since I am sensitive to other peoples energies  I can sense the energy from the words you are writing and bring you the right answer coming from your Higher Self.  

In order to connect to your Higher Self in the best possible way, I need you to tell me something about what you are going through, or anything you want to share with me about your issues, goals or a question you want to ask. It doesn't have to be very long, just enough so that I can pick up the energy of it and understand myself what is the general issue.

A latest photo of you would be especially helpful! If a photo is old, it would not be in alignment with your present questions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know that your answers are truthful?
    What I answer you are not my own answers, but the information I receive through the intuitive channel from your Higher-Self. Your Higher-Self provides answers which are best for the current situation you are in.
  • How do you know those answers are coming from my Higher-Self?
    There is a difference in a feeling I get. I tap into your energy which has a distinctive "smell" or "taste" as you like it, and when I connect to your Higher-Self it is a match. That Is how I know that the answers I receive are from your own Higher-Self.
  • How is your report going to help me?
    Every report I write is completely different because each person has unique requirements and unique questions. What is important is that I write exactly what you need to hear at the time of asking the question, because that will help you to move on to the next step in your life.