I will provide an answer for you from your Higher Self

provide an answer for you from your Higher Self

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  Straight answer from your Higher-Self and practical steps how to achieve your goals, solve problems. Detailed report with detailed steps to achieve goal + WILL CLEAR your connection to your HigerSelf ALL from STANDARD + what is/how to fulfill your LIFE PURPOSE and what is most influential PAST-LIFE
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About This Gig

A Higher Self is a place where your Soul originates from. It is YOU on the highest level of existence!

You have a free will to chose a decision, however your Higher Self can give you an answer which will be the best for you in a crucial moment helping you to avoid unnecessary obstacles.

Your Higher-Self is ALWAYS present. 

My job is to help you to re-establish your connection to your Higher-Self so that you can activate your intuitive guidance and continue on your own will. 

I am sensitive to energies and can easily connect to your Higher-Self, providing you comprehensive information about your present situation. You may chose different levels of information you would like to get from your Higher-Self. I usually get very comprehensive information about what your heart desire, what is preventing you to succeed and how to deal with any issue you may have. More details in FAQ!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know that your answers are truthful?
    What I answer you are not my own answers, but the information I receive through the intuitive channel from your Higher-Self. Your Higher-Self provides answers which are best for the current situation you are in because I specifically look into your situation you require.
  • How do you know those answers are coming from my Higher-Self?
    There is a difference in a feeling I get. I tap into your energy which has a distinctive "smell" or "taste" as you like it, and when I connect to your Higher-Self it is a match.
  • What can I get from a BASIC PACKAGE?
    BASIC report gives you straight-forward message to your question and general information about your current situation. I always receive background info about why are you stuck or what should you do to move forward, so I will write some basics about that too. I write much more in a DETAILED report.
  • What can I get from STANDARD PACKAGE?
    This report is very useful if you feel you want to change your life, or you feel that you need a special guidance on what to do.This is where I am the best, I naturally get comprehensive information anyway.I will also help you to activate your intuition again,clearing the channel to your HigherSelf
  • Why can I get from PREMIUM PACKAGE?
    This is the most comprehensive report about your current life situation,what is preventing you to progress,what you need to do to overcome obstacles and how to achieve your life-goal.Most oblivious issues are usually connected to a past-life, which I provide in the report and help you understand it
  • Why would I want to know about my PAST-LIFE AND LIFE-GOAL ( included in PREMIUM PACKAGE)
    Along with the comprehensive report based on your question,I will look into core issues which may prevent you from progress and tell you how to solve it. It is usually connected to a particular PAST-LIFE,where you had similar issue and now you have a chance to overcome it, as a part of a LIFE-GOAL.
  • How is your report going to help me?
    Every report I write is completely different because each person has unique requirements and unique questions. What is important is that I write exactly what you need to hear at the time of asking the question, because that is exactly what will help you to move on to the next step in your life.