I will give you advice on hauntings

give you advice on hauntings
give you advice on hauntings

About This Gig

I was the founder of a paranormal research group located in NV and have studied in the field for around 10 years now. If you give me a description of what is happening in your home I will give my advice as to rather it is a haunting or a more natural event. I can give advice on equipment used for conducting paranormal researches. I can give you my opinion on photographs. I can I can NOT get rid of ghost. I can only suggest common ways people do so. I do not make house calls but can refer you to the paranormal research group nearest you. My main area of knowledge deals with ghost, spirits, and hauntings. I do not give advice on other paranormal subjects such as ufo's, cryptozoology, near death experiences or other subjects. I am not a psychic or medium and I am not religious. Please keep in mind these are my opinions and since I am unable to go to your location I am limited. I use a debunking method so please be aware the orbs in your pictures are going to get a response that they are dust unless there is something I find unique about them that prove them to be actual orbs. i don't b.s people.

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