I will be your consultant for 15 minutes for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
be your consultant for 15 minutes
be your consultant for 15 minutes

About This Gig

Do you have questions about starting an online business?
Do you need a honest second opinion?
Need help using software or configuring it?

Then this is the gig for you.

I run a website programming, hosting, domain name registration, and SEO training company and have over 11 years of experience that I will leverage to help you solve your problems.

Place an order today and let me help you solve your problems!

We can discuss how to start a new site, make sure that another company is ripping you off, and even which other fiverr gigs you can use to save money.

The base gig is for 1 block of 15 minutes. Multiple purchases are not necessarily back to back time slots. If you need a long section of time please use the gig extra for this.