I will be Your Ultimate Virtual Assistant Who Never Stop Working

be Your Ultimate Virtual Assistant Who Never Stop Working

About This Gig

"People Think I never Stop Working , I Guess They Don't Know About Virtual Assistants"

I work in an office environment where i keep all the Ethics that makes me better VA.

I have strong customer service skills, phone skills, data entry, and computer skills.

Use As a Virtual Assistant :

  • Bookkeeping 

-You need to pay your bills. You scan, mail or fax them to VA.

-You need to keep track of your accounts payable and receivable.

-You prefer to pay your own bills but need monthly bank reconciliation.

  • Graphical Presentation
-You need a PowerPoint presentation for a seminar. You scan or fax sketches of diagrams and charts to the VA, who prepares the PowerPoint slides

  • Marketing Support
-VA helps you implement a marketing plan, submitting ads by deadline coordinating payment, and handling correspondence

  • Personnel & Human Resources
-You’re looking to hire an employee.
-You need assistance with payroll requirements.

  • Project Management
VA keeps things running smoothly by regularly staying in touch with everyone to meet projects Deadline

  • Secretarial and Telephone Services
You need to confirm weekly sales appointments.

  • Transcription
VA records call and transcribes for participants.

100 % Confidential

Order Details

4 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions