I will critique and review your art, design or short creative writing

critique and review your art, design or short creative writing
critique and review your art, design or short creative writing

About This Gig

You provide me your piece and I will critique it! 
I will write three positives and three focus points for you to work on. 
These points will be constructive and will help you improve your work.
It is up to you to take them on. I will give you an honest critique from my own experience.

I have had over nine years experience of critiquing artwork, designs and short writing. My perspectives and pointers will help you improve your work! I am happy to help and I look forward to seeing your piece!

Your piece must be an image file of your work (if an artwork or design) or a word document (if it is a written piece). Any creative writing (poetry, story etc.) must be less than 500 words long. One piece only, Thank you

Take care,

Gig extras:
More comprehensive critiques are available as gig extras, these involve more detail, pointing out where in the piece the positives and focus points are. Also suggestions of how to improve upon those pointers specific to your piece. Comprehensive plus has more of this as well as some suggested youtube tutorial/example links too. Comprehensive Plus is for artwork only

Order Details

Arts Critique

You will receive 3 positives & 3 focus points for your art/design/creative writing (500 words max)

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I send you my work to critique?
    Please send me an image file of your art or design. Or if it is a writing piece, please send me a word document.
  • Does it have to be a digital piece?
    No not at all! As long as you send me an image file it does not matter what medium your work is in. So it can be traditional art, sculpture, furniture design, jewellery and many more. I will critique it based on the image (or document) you provide.
  • How much experience do you have in critiquing?
    I have been critiquing artworks, designs and short creative writing pieces for over 9 years. I have also had to analyse essays and research as part of my degree, so I have a lot of experience looking at positives, negatives and improvement points.