I will interview you and produce sales content

interview you and produce sales content

About This Gig

You know you must be an expert at something. For example, what you do at work is an example. If you aren't good at what you do, you wouldn't have gotten hired in the first place.

 This is where my interviewing, marketing, and packaging skills can help. 

I have been studying marketing for the past 4 years. During the recent year or two, I have found ways where I can interview common folks like you over the phone with interview questions, and then repackage the information to sell for extra money.

Here's how things work with me as I'm getting busier: (Failure to follow this means I will refuse your order)

I will interview you over the phone or Sky-pe, and send over the notes to you  within 9 days. If you want me to write the sales copy of landing page for the interview, and create a short report or cheatsheet about your interview, or even faster turnaround, extra gigs are available.

If you have any doubts, please contact me on Fiverr in advance.

Note: If you want more involved help with marketing your interview materials, check this gig out: https://www.fiverr.com/stanigator/create-a-marketing-strategy?funnel=2014112702401902414283540