I will do a whispering or ambient noise hypnosis asmr

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do a whispering or ambient noise hypnosis asmr
do a whispering or ambient noise hypnosis asmr

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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) can be spine chilling to some and others it is chilling in ways that are positive. Some people may experience chills on their head, scalp or even limbs. This is made to be a positive refreshing experience and everyone is different, some may like the whispering others ambient noises such as crinkling noises, box fan noises, turning of book pages, sounds of water, scratching and so many more, it is endless....

A lot of people don't understand the benefits of hypnosis or meditation. It can help with awareness, relaxing, getting peaceful sleep, increase overall health, beat addictions, overcome stress and anxiety as well as help control anger. 

For $5, I'll give you a customized sample of what I can help you achieve. 

If you have a request for over 10 minutes in length please message me for a custom quote. :)

Each script is custom tailored to your needs and made especially for you!

Have a look at my add-ons to see how you can further improve your hypnosis (ASMR).