I will hold a sign or advertisement here in Fairbanks Alaska

Reviewed by chucke almost 4 years ago
Perfect! Thank you!
Reviewed by bmartindale111 about 4 years ago
Excellent photo! Happy holidays from the warmer side of the continent! Where I live, people stop going out when it gets below 50:)
Reviewed by metrodj about 4 years ago
Awesomenesserset. Great Gig. Thanks
Reviewed by iphonesdkpro about 4 years ago
Really awesome! Thanks a million :-)
Reviewed by completedriver about 4 years ago
Hi, Great Gig!Thank you. Hope you warm up soon!!!!!!!! lol I'll be back!!
Reviewed by buster13 about 4 years ago
Reviewed by tropfun about 4 years ago
Thank you!
Reviewed by iaspir about 4 years ago
awesome. Thank you. Looks cold!
Reviewed by career4 about 4 years ago
1 A Job...fast and nice picture
Reviewed by sadness about 4 years ago
Thank You!
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Reviewed by manualofideas over 4 years ago
Great seller who is very willing to accommodate. Communicates well and really wants to get what you want done. Very happy!
Reviewed by iaspir over 4 years ago
it doesn't get better than this. This is Fiverr at its best.
Reviewed by sarah_q over 4 years ago
Thanks so much, great follow through.
Reviewed by hdfilms57 over 4 years ago
Great job! You did perfect - and I love your dog! Thanks again - and best to you!
Reviewed by drbriangsnow over 4 years ago
Well done. Delivered on time
Reviewed by peege2012 over 4 years ago
Wonderful!!! Look forward to ordering another gig from you in the future.
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Reviewed by shotgun33 over 4 years ago
Thank you so much, excellent 😊
Reviewed by monkeybizness over 4 years ago
hold a sign or advertisement here in Fairbanks Alaska
hold a sign or advertisement here in Fairbanks Alaska
hold a sign or advertisement here in Fairbanks Alaska

About This Gig

I will hold your sign or message in the snow here in Fairbanks Alaska. I can hold it at the Welcome to Fairbanks sign, but I will only do that when there are at last 3 gigs ordered (because I have to drive there) so that order may take some extra time. I also have a Shepard mix dog that can be in the pics if you want. The scenery also depends on what type of season it is too, but right now there is still a lot of snow. I am going to start using a whiteboard instead to write messages instead of printing out each message on some of the gigs too. That will depend on if there is a image or how long the phrase is. With a whiteboard I can make the word(s) very large too.