I will give you the emails of any investors

give you the emails of any investors

About This Gig

If you're a startup, aspiring founder, or someone who works with financial institutions, I can find any investor's email from any Venture Cap, Private Equity, Bank, or Angel Group.

Send me their LinkedIn or About Me page and I'll have the email within a couple of hours.

I can also find emails for anyone including:
  • HR professionals
  • CEOs and other company leadership
  • Buyers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone with a LinkedIn account

Each order gets you the emails of 2 people. For orders larger than 20 emails, message me for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know the emails are correct?
    There are a few ways of doing this. Of course, you can just send your emails. If the email isn't correct, you'll email provider will notify you that you tried sending an email to a nonexistent address. You can also check the emails at verification websites like http://verify-email.org/
  • What if the email is incorrect?
    This has never happened with any of my gigs. If it does happen to you, you'll get a bounce-back email from your provider. In this case, I will fix my mistake and find an additional email of someone else for your trouble.
  • How do you do it?
    I am able to find the email of any LinkedIn user (often GMail too). You'll be receiving their corporate email and sometimes they're personal email for free if it is found during my routine. I'm also willing to sell the method for finding anyone's email for a price. Messge for a custom order.