I will find the best route and price for you on plane tickets

find the best route and price for you on plane tickets
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About This Gig

Traveling is my religion!

I fly at an average of 10 times per year. 
I always search for the best possible route with the airlines i prefer. Often times I am the one that plans trips for myself or friends as a group. So I have quite an experience on that. As my hobby I also like to I read and follow flight deals. And since I have traveled and lived in different countries/continents I am aware of some fun facts at different airports and which airport to avoid if possible. 

What I can offer:
- found the best possible routes that is cheapest + least transit times + quickest.
- options to fly to your destination with alternative possible routes 
- detailed info of each flight and where to book your flights
- any flight booking info you may need.
- can customize search according to your airline needs (in case if you have any airline preference or airline alliance that you prefer to fly with to maximize mileage and points (ex. Star Alliance, OneWorld, or SkyTeam) Some to name..

You can check out my PDF section for a sample page of the doc I sent to my client.

Thank you for your time! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

Flight search for 5 days range

I will offer you with the best possible routes.