I will plan your travel itinerary or trip for you

plan your travel itinerary or trip for you

About This Gig

Planning on a trip to Taipei / New York or boston but not sure where to go and where to eat? You can trust me on this to help you out! 

I can recommend you on the must go places to eat and see in the area.

I grew up in Taiwan and has lived there for at least 15 years and visit every year so know my way in and out. 
And has also lived in Boston, Rome, Tokyo and now in New York.

What I will need from you:
- the type of vacation you plan to take (sightseeing, food based, night life, outdoor, shopping etc. etc.)
- number of days
- want to packed everything into the itinerary or take your time to explore
-budget if known

Base on your days and what type of things you are interested in doing/seeing (cultural, food, scenic, shopping) I will plan some sample routes for you to go.