I will fix your Excel spreadsheet


About This Gig

Hi - I am a highly experienced Excel specialist that has been working with Microsoft Excel in all facets of my life for more than 25 years.

My experience and knowledge are from the daily hands-on use and development of Excel and from quite literally creating and enhancing HUNDREDS of spreadsheets throughout my working life.

I have "suffered" through those "hard-to-learn" lessons so you don't have to and know how to avoid them from ever re-occurring, for both myself and my clients. These "Hard Learnt lessons allow me to quickly identify issues in spreadsheets and put in measures to avoid the unnecessary costs, time delays and frustrations.

Allow ME to help YOU save TIME, MONEY and your "HAIR"!!!

My services include but are not limited to:
✔ Fix/Create/Edit Excel formulas or functions to fix errors
✔ Fix/Create/Edit Charts, Pivot Tables
✔ Fix/Create/Edit Dashboards
✔ Add Buttons, Drop-down Lists, User Forms, Sliders ...
✔ Analyze your data using conditional formatting and/or filters
✔ Automate your spreadsheets with VBA (macros)

I guarantee you will be satisfied with my work. 

I know how to "push" Excel to it's limits and make it work for you and not you work for it...