I will do various DJ services

do various DJ services

About This Gig

Hi there!
I'm Stefan, and I'm DJ and music producer.

I'm offering various DJ services such as:
  • making custom mix for you 50$,
  • making custom mash-up 30$,
  • editing song to your preference 25$,
  • beat syncing songs that don't have steady tempo 10$
  • changing the tempo of the song without changing the pitch 5$,
  • changing the pitch of the song without changing the tempo 5$,
  • normalising the volume of the song 5$,
  • making sweeps, uplifters, downlifters and different fx 5$.

Please contact me before ordering this gig.

Order Details

Simple DJ mix

I'll make DJ mix of 7 - 10 songs

  • HQ Audio File
6 days delivery 1 Revision