I will craft a Catchy and Compelling Newsletter for $5

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craft a Catchy and Compelling Newsletter
craft a Catchy and Compelling Newsletter

About This Gig

E-mails remain the most effective and efficient way to convert clients into raving buyers within cyberspace in today’s world.

But it is not enough to build a massive email list. What do I mean?

Over 100 billion are emails sent and received per day; an individual receives an average of 85 emails per day. You sure know the implication of that!

True, the money is in the email list but the competition is stiff. The fight for survival and relevance in the inbox of your subscribers with several other emails begging to be read is daily becoming tougher.

If you are keen on making your emails convert and subsequently drive sales then it must be done in the appropriate way.

For your emails to drive sales:

It must not appear spammy

It must contain a catchy and compelling headline.

It must be engaging.

It must be precise and concise.

Its language must be simple and conversational.

You need the services of a professional writer to manage your newsletter for optimum results.

 And this is where I come in. I am a wordsmith with a sound command of the language. I am capable of tweaking words to appeal to both the emotion and reasoning of your readers. 

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