I will use pitch correction on your vocals

use pitch correction on your vocals
use pitch correction on your vocals

About This Gig

You are one smart COOKIE CRUMB!

Because at some point you probably realized that part of the vocal track you just recorded wasn't very "in tune" right? If you're like me you also probably realized that in order to compete in a constantly evolving music industry you NEED access to the best software to stay on the cutting edge of music technology. Maybe it's just one little note that's out of tune. I can fix that little jerk.
Or I could revamp your whole vocal track with my gig extras.

AUTO TUNING is an industry standard whether you are Rhianna, T-Pain or Kanye West.

IT DOESNT MATTER WHO YOU ARE. Your vocal BETTER be in tune with your music!

I will use professional industry standard software tuning tools such as Melodyne and Auto-Tune to make your voice sound more in tune with your music than ever before.

All I need is a single .wav file of the raw (no effects) vocal and we can get to work!

Here is a link to my own music demonstrating my ability to do "subtle tuning" to make an already good vocal into a great one. 


I'm very grateful for the opportunity to do what I do and I look forward to hearing and improving your vocal tracks!

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1 day delivery 1 Revision

Vocal Pitch Correction

I will use professional auto-tuning software to correct the pitch of your vocals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take on other audio editing projects?
    Yes, order my gig and I'll be glad to help you improve and enhance voice overs or edit out background noise as well!