I will teach you Advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu

teach you Advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu
teach you Advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu

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Description Biu Jee Sections Standard Entire Form Plus 3 Bonuses
  Steve splits Biu Jee into 10 sections. You get one section per video. Get a video of Steve doing the entire form, from start to finish. Form plus videos on Chi Sao, the "straight blast," and a free book.
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About This Gig

Many people know of Wing Chun Kung Fu courtesy of the IP MAN movies, not to mention its most famous practitioner Bruce Lee. Have you ever had the desire to learn it, but haven't had the money or a school near you? Now you can learn at an affordable price, WHEREVER you are, right here on Fiverr.

Steve started Wing Chun in 1995. He has studied under the Ip Ching and Augustine Fong lineages. This is the third gig in his series of Wing Chun lessons.

BASIC: One section of the form per video. Steve splits it into 10 sections.

STANDARD: Footage of the entire form. This way if you want to follow along, you don't have to navigate between files.

PREMIUM: Full form, plus videos on Chi Sao, what the "straight blast" is and how/when to use it, AS WELL AS a free copy of Steve's book THE SEARCH FOR THE WARRIOR'S PATH, which is an unbiased look at the entire world of Martial Arts.

NOTE: Each video on Blocks contains 5 moves per video; there are 20 blocks total. 

Combined with some awesome extras, this gig will have you on your way to Wing Chun mastery!