I will help you drastically improve your photographic memory

help you drastically improve your photographic memory

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Description Start Obtain photographic memory. Deeper into pegging and sequencing Mastering photographic memory
  You will give me 10 nouns in sequence and I will Recite them out of order to you in any order. You will practice more with sequence and pegging memorization techniques. By the end of this, you will be able to glance at a cheat sheet before an exam and be good to go.
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About This Gig

I will coach you and help you Improve your memory skills. I learned these skill sets many years ago when i became the youngest Dale Carnegie instructor in the world. Today, I will share these methodologies and help you improve your memory skills at a much cheaper price.

For the $5, I will spend 15 mins on video chat to share methodologies for memorizing sequences, pegging, and obtaining a photographic memory. 

For the $30, we will dive deeper into these memorization Techniques.

For the $200 we will focus more on a military methodology for obtaining a photographic memory. I understand that it will be a lot of coaching to master this; Yet, I am sure we can get there in a month.  By the end you should be able to to quickly look at a cheat sheet before a test and be good to go.