I will publish and rank your Article on Page 1 Google News GUARANTEED last chance

publish and rank your Article on Page 1 Google News GUARANTEED last chance

About This Gig

This is a fantastic way to get your product or offer ranking on Google News page 1 within a few hours - I AM CLOSING THIS GIG DOWN, so this is your last chance.

a) Send me your ~250 word original PR/Article in Word or similar.
b) Your keywords should be in the title & scattered through the text. Give me 5 keyword phrases in order of preference
c) Add upto 3 links to your site or offer - no anchor text please.
d) Add an image if you wish

Once I have that, I will:
1) Create & optimize a submission blog using your text
2) I will optimize the meta-tags of the image
3) I will set the tags for the article & then publish it
4) In a few hours it should be visible in Google News.

With this, your article will rank on page 1 of Google News for at least one of your keywords

Why this gig?

Because it can
  • get your article on page 1 of G News for some or all of your keywords (depending on how related they are)
  • generate lots of additional traffic
  • get pickup from other news organizations
  • provide great link juice and can help with SEO

Ask me for details of articles I have ranked - even though these are news items, they stay ranked for weeks!

No adult, gambling, illegal, essay writing or warez sites

Order Details

PR Submission

PR optimization and submission to Google News

  • Submit Press Release
  • Up to 5 Focus Words
3 days delivery
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • English is not my first language - can you help with spelling and grammar?
    YES! I am an Oxford University graduate and speak English English: I can "clean up" your text
  • Will my Press Release rank for all my keywords or phrases?
    I will ensure your article ranks at the top of Google News for at least one keyword, but if the others are related, then they will also often rank. Tell me which is your favorite keyword, and I will aim to rank that, but it is likely that if the others are similar then they will also rank.
  • How long will my Press Release rank for?
    That's a tough one: usually at least several days, but it depends on how competitive the keywords are. I have articles still ranking at position1 several weeks after they were uploaded.
  • How does this gig work?
    Give me some text, keywords and an image (optionally) and I upload them to my blog. I tune everything so that when you search Google News for your keywords, your article appears at the top of page 1. It stays there for a while until more relevant articles appear it push it down the rankings.
  • What are "Keywords"?
    They are the words you would type into Google to search for something. A "keyword" is more usually a phrase comprising several words. eg "Best restaurants New York" is a keyword from Google's point of view, but in the real world it's a phrase comprising several words.
  • How can you GUARANTEE rankings?
    I will do my best to ensure your article or PR ranks at the top of Google News, and if I can't (I don't control Google - it could happen), then I provide a prompt refund. No quibbles or argument. I don't want people to leave my gig unhappy.