I will create an article or biography

create an article or biography
create an article or biography

About This Gig

Using a fact sheet or checklist that you provide, I will create a professionally worded and proofread article, up to 500 words. My main focus is website content, but would be glad to help in other areas as well. 

A few examples might be:

  • A Biography
  • News Articles
  • Product Descriptions
  • Blog Posts

I have about 7 years of hands on experience in creative, factual content development. Most of my experience includes involvement with a web design firm, and a well diversified portfolio ranging from musical artists, to small businesses, churches, and corporate businesses. I would be glad to help you in any way that I can, no matter what your specific need. *Please message me prior to ordering!* This will ensure that I am able to complete your order prior to committing.

*Please note, the topic/subject research extra is in addition to the purchase of at least one basic Gig.

Should you require more than 500 words, I would be more than happy to expound on an article that I have already begun writing. All you need to do is order an additional gig, or purchase my 500 word extra.

One round of editing/changes will also be included with each gig. I look forward to writing for you!

Order Details

Article or Biography

Create an article or biography using a fact sheet or checklist provided by you.

  • Up to 1 Focus Word
2 days delivery