I will proofread and edit 1500 words

proofread and edit 1500 words
proofread and edit 1500 words

About This Gig

I have about 7 years of hands on experience in creative, factual content development. Most of my experience includes involvement with a web design firm, and a well diversified portfolio ranging from musical artists, to small businesses, churches, and corporate businesses. This work also included the proofing and editing of existing content.

For this basic Gig, I will proofread up to 1500 words. If you already know what to write, but need some help with how to write it, this Gig is perfect for you! I will read over your written work and make sure it is grammatically correct, uses correct spelling and punctuation, and uses correct wording when applicable.

Please see my extras below. For additional fees, I will be glad to make minor revisions such as re-wording fragments and run-on's, or even draft a complete re-write based on the version you provided**.

I aim to provide the one-stop-shop for all written work, so please feel free to check out my other Gigs to be sure you are selecting the best product. Please contact me today!

**Re-write is not guaranteed to match word count. Message me for more details and to arrange an agreement.

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