I will secure your PHP/MySQL login or register script

secure your PHP/MySQL login or register script

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FACT: About 8/10 "programmers" do not even practice secure login/registration scripts. Hackers are always looking for databases to inject in to. Protect yourself against this. Your precious databases hold top secret information about YOUR users, customers, clients, colleagues, etc. These are the people who keep your website/business going. Why would you put their names, passwords, addresses, and even SSNs or CREDIT CARDS at steak. I forsee a giant lawsuit in your future. It's your website and you OWE it to protect the user. I will encrypt all the passwords/valuable information for another $5 (NOT MD5 encryption) These scripts are very costly, but since I'm a beleiver in a secure web. I will secure YOUR login/registration script for $5.

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