I will be your personal reference librarian

be your personal reference librarian

About This Gig

Do you need research articles for a project?  Do you want information on a topic from reliable sources?

✿ I am a recent library science college graduate and would like to practice my reference skills by providing you with a list of up to 10 journal articles for your research project.  I will also provide you a citation list in APA or MLA format (or whichever style you need).

✿ The Fair Use Doctrine does not allow me to provide the journal articles themselves, but I can provide the citations. I will try my best to provide a list of relevant journal articles that are available through your university, public, or school library system as full text versions. If you are interested in books, I can also include books that are available within your library system on your topic.

✿ Questions? Please ask before ordering the gig. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!