I will predict Stock that may Double or Triple every Sunday

predict Stock that may Double or Triple every Sunday

About This Gig

Every week I look for investment ideas using a series of  indepth & powerful screens and every Sunday i tell you the company's name which has a very high potential of making you money if you invest in it's stocks

In addition to searching through SEC filings for investors that are building controlling interests in companies, I like to run a series of screens to see if I might be able to back into stocks that meet my criteria (deeply undervalued with the presence of a large influential investor). 

Here’s an example of a screen: First, I look for companies with a market capitalization greater than $100 million.  For the second level of the screen, the companies must have more than three analysts covering the stock.  Third, there has to be more than three analysts that have a price target on the stock.  Finally, I want to find stocks that are trading at a huge discount to analyst consensus price targets.e.g. This stock had an average analyst price target that is at least 200% higher than its current share price.

1) ImmunoCellar Therapeutics, Ltd. has a current share price $2.78.  The consensus analyst target price is $10.25.  That gives us a “street projected return” of 268%

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