I will work and GROW your Twitter account for $5

/ 16 Days On Average
work and GROW your Twitter account
work and GROW your Twitter account

About This Gig

We all know how important Twitter is to any brand today. And we also know that you do not have the time to grow your Twitter account like you should be doing! So we will do it for you!

This is NOT just a $5 gig.  This takes time. So this is for a 14 day period.  You MUST take the $5 gig PLUS the 14 day gig extra.  Please message us before you purchase the gig if you do not understand this.

We will send at least 5 tweets and 5 retweets a day through your account. We will use strong and useful hashtags to grow your audience. One or two of the tweets will be about your brand.  The other 3 will be generic just to bring in your audience. We will need access to your twitter account (username and password).

For the people who "favorite" your posts, we will go and favorite one of theirs and follow them.  Then there is a good chance that they will follow you back.  

PLEASE Message for more information if you need to before ordering.