I will screen job applicants

screen job applicants
screen job applicants

About This Gig


I will screen job applicants for specific jobs based on minimum qualifications.   Specifically, I will "screen out applicants" from your initial quantity of applicants, thereby allowing you to concentrate on the qualified persons.

Having worked in leadership and staff management roles over several decades, I have seen many resumes.  Likewise, I have developed multiple position descriptions for diverse jobs and have been involved in screening and hiring boards.  

Thus, my extensive background will aid you in the applicant screening process as you quickly search for a small number of persons to interview.

My scrub of your batch of applicants will thoroughly screen out those persons clearly not applicable, based on the minimum qualifications you provide.  If desired, I can critique applicants' qualifications.

Screening a batch of 20 applicants (or less) is considered one Gig.

I look forward to finding the right applicants for your position.